Lighted Whip Antennas

Great for safety or customization.
Electroluminescent mast is highly visible at night.

Bicycle Hub Mount, USB Adapter, Solar Power Pack, Weatherproof Pouch, and Velcro bands are included.
Colors: Red -or- Blue.

$127.00 each includes shipping, tax, etc.  No hidden cost.

Accessory Bundle $45.
Accessory goodies (mostly) provided as shown.
We ship 2 velcro straps, not an Archery guard.
Shows well even in ambient light.
Strong visibility even in ambient light. (not full daylight)

Contact info [at] lightcommuter (dot) [com] for any order other than a single complete kit.  For example, suppose you need only a replacement power adapter, or you'd like to buy 50+ complete kits at wholesale prices.


Our antennas are reasonably sturdy, shock- and weather-resistant.  But not indestructible.  We thoughtfully include a clear solar carry pouch and velcro straps, for mounting & weatherproofing.  But if this cool stuff gets stolen, or simply falls off your bike and gets run over in traffic, we're sorry about your luck.

We do offer a 90-Day Warranty on manufacturing defects, and failures not arising from abuse.

As such, we need to evaluate the condition of your equipment before issuing any refund or replacement. Ship it to us at your own expense and we'll handle the rest.  You must include with your warranty request: a current shipping address, email, and phone, so we can contact you promptly and accurately.

If in our sole discretion we determine that your warranty item shows signs of abuse, we will send the original (damaged) item back to you with tags highlighting the cause of failure.  Then you will not be eligible for any refund, nor for assistance with shipping costs.  We figure, you shipped to us, and we shipped to you, so we each have spent equivalent time & effort toward evaluating the damage.

Provided that your item was not abused, we will contact you to arrange refund or replacement.

We advocate safety, quality, and honor in all aspects of our business.

Thank you for your loyalty and understanding.